You’ve always been uncomfortable with the way you look or how you “should” look. Now that you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t know what you’re “supposed” to even dress like. You’re still trying to figure out who you are & how to show up in as yourself.

You know your business topic inside and out. You know how to teach your clients and get them results, but you’re afraid to become visible because you don’t “look the part.” You don’t want to be like everyone else, but are afraid that people won’t take you seriously.

Time on social media isn’t always a good place for you because you get stuck in comparison. And then you shy away from the camera even more.

Showing up with FABulous Confidence online hasn’t always been easy for me.

As a full-time social worker, wife, and mother of two, it’s hard to imagine investing more time into my business.

I spent years trying to fit everyone else’s version of “trendy” or “professional” only to feel out of place and insecure.

Living in a poverty-stricken small rural town for 9 years, I knew the key to a successful business could be found online.

But I was scared to show up as me, not to mention exhausted from everyday life.  It seemed like SO much work to get all dolled up to record a video and I feared that people wouldn’t take me seriously if I showed up in my pajamas.

Then there are the headshots. All the successful online entrepreneurs I admired had the “perfect” pictures. After two babies and years of gaining and losing weight, I couldn’t imagine ever being happy enough with my physical appearance for that to happen.

I’ve been studying online visibility tools & tips for almost 4 years. As the person responsible for marketing & social media at a previous job, I was part of a group coaching program with a multi-million dollar social media expert.

I was fortunate enough to get a laser coaching session with her. (In case you didn’t know, I used to have a handmade jewelry business & I used a logo for my FB profile picture). The first thing she told me when she looked at my Facebook page was to put a picture of myself in the profile. She told me that people don’t connect with logos, they connect with other people. Real people. So I needed to become the face of my brand. 

I’m here to help you too become the face of your brand, to build your self-esteem, develop an action plan, become more confident seeing yourself as a FABulous entrepreneur, and set you up for FABulous success.

Together, we will create the formula that will move you to a place of taking action on your dreams.

I created this 90 Minute Intensive Package just for you! I know how overwhelming it can be to put all the pieces together, so we will break things down into (3) 30-minute intensive sessions to help you create a plan to attract your first paying clients and begin sharing yourself as the face of your brand with FABulous Confidence!

I will set you up for success in 3 separate sessions:

First, we will get determine what’s your goal for looking FABulous. We will:

-get clear on your ideal client

-what you’re trying to sell them

-how you want them to FEEL when they interact with you

Next, we will determine 5 pieces that make you feel Confident in your appearance and begin developing an easy, effortless style that fits with your work from home life.

Lastly, we will put all the pieces together to create your 30-day visibility plan.

  • 90 minutes of Private Intensive Personal Brand & Visibility Coaching (3) 30-minute sessions
  • 30 days of direct access to me via FB Messenger & email
  • Customized implementation steps
  • 30-day visibility plan so that you know what to talk about on live video & what to wear each week as you become the face of your brand.


I will give you my secret strategy to easily start live videos & get into a confident rhythm so that you feel comfortable even when no one is watching.

Allison had a lovely style, and a refreshingly integrated body, mind and spirit approach to beauty. She provided me some awesome tips, but did so from a place of honoring my individuality and routine. It felt like everything she said come from a desire to naturally enhance my own style, rather than a need to create a new one. I felt heard, and accepted.

Sarah Cohn

Psychotherapist and Spiritual Coach

It was nice because you didn’t only speak about jewelry or makeup tips, but also how to treat myself with love & self-esteem. It’s always a good reminder to give self-love and know my worth. Thank you again!

Blair Santana

Allison was able to help me see where I find the most joy in my color and fashion choices based on who I really am! She also gave me some great suggestions to help me continue to grow in my own confidence as a woman who is worthy of feeling absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend her services to anyone who would love more encouragement and guidance in life, fashion, and beauty!

Amy Pico

Wellness Coach

Allison empowered me to bring out the best in me and gave me concrete tips to help with my concerns. I wasn’t sure anyone would be able to make a difference, but she did. She even went beyond clothes and make-up and helped me feel more confident about bringing my bright personality into the photos so I could attract more clients by showcasing who I am!

Allie Davis

Mindset & Strategy Business Coach

Are you tired of doing so much free coaching? Let’s get you your first paying client!

You’ve taken the courses, you’ve done the work. You’re a legitimate business owner.  It’s time to become comfortable being the face of your brand.

With me, it’s about making it happen & taking action.

For you to be seen as the expert, you will have to get out of your comfort zone.

I will help you figure out your own process to create videos & images that convert.

God gave you a mission. NOW is the time to show up & shine your FABulous light!

One full payment of $600

2 bi-weekly payments of $350

You may feel like you don’t deserve to be seen.  So you keep hiding.

But I want you to stop and think about what will happen if nothing changes.

If nobody sees you, no one gets your help.

I have a feeling you’re a lot like me & you know that your business is bigger than you. You know that God placed a message in your heart & you’re here on earth to share it.

Think of all the people who NEED you but miss out on your help if things stay the same.

Are you ready to take a step towards FABulous Confidence?

As Allison asked specific questions to lead me to a wonderful routine that has changed my morning and shifted things…I have not left the house without taking the key specific steps she and I talked about on this call and my self-care early morning routine has completely changed. Thank you Allison these changes you suggested have shifted my life in a tremendous and Beautiful way.

Heather Ryno

Intuitive Mindset Coach

One full payment of $600

2 bi-weekly payments of $350