Are you someone who’s been hiding behind old photos or using stock images because you’re self-conscious about your appearance?

You REALLY want to be showing up consistently online visually, but you feel undeserving and self-conscious and that energy holds you back from allowing your true gift to SHINE.

My Photo Session Prep Package will give you confidence and a plan to have a FABulous photo session with your photographer, leaving with images you can proudly share to represent your business.

Not only do I help you identify a cohesive style for your shoot that captures how you want your customers to *feel* when they see you.

I also help you work on your FABulous Confidence (the inner part that’s been holding your back this whole time) and give you a detailed game plan to keep you feeling FABulous as the camera does its magic!

God gave me a special gift.
He gave me eyes to see beauty where others see ruin.
To see love and light through his eyes.

To see your inner and outer beauty and to teach you how to see it too.


  • You’re losing out on paying clients because people aren’t connecting with the images you’ve been using.
  • Potential clients can feel the hesitation and lack of confidence about your appearance behind your posts.
  • I can help you showcase your personality with confidence and create a FABulous first impression on your website & branding photos.
  • Branded photos are a Big Investment. Get them done right the FIRST TIME! Instead of rushing into them without FABulous confidence, and needing to re-do them again 6 months down the road because you aren’t happy with how they turned out.

I wasn’t sure if having a stylist would make a difference in how my photos turned out, but it definitely did!  Allison empowered me to bring out the best in me and gave me concrete tips to help with my concerns.

I wasn’t sure anyone would be able to make a difference, but she did. She even went beyond clothes and make-up and helped me feel more confident about bringing my bright personality into the photos so I could attract more clients by showcasing who I am!

Allie Davis

Mindset & Strategy Business Coach, Christpreneur Coaching, LLC

Your Photo Session Prep Investment Includes:

A detailed pre-questionnaire
-This allows me to do a little research about you, your brand, and how you want to present yourself online.


Website/Social Media/Overall Brand Audit
-I will explore your existing branding and social media to get a feel for what tone and energy that you want to reflect in your photos

Video Strategy Session (45 min)
-This is where we’ll discuss the big picture and I’ll share the style themes I’ve pre-identified by analyzing your questionnaire and Pinterest boards.
-We will come up with a cohesive Personal Appearance Brand style that represents you and your brand visually
-We’ll discuss colors & pieces that work well for your body shape & style
-We’ll identify what you may want to use in your existing wardrobe and discuss what you may need to purchase.


-After our strategy session, I’ll give you an individualized homework assignment


Your FABulous Style PDF/Moodboard
-Once I’ve received your homework, I will create a personalized style mood board for you to use at your photo shoot and for future branding sessions


Video Confidence Prep Session & Wrap Up (45 min)
-FABulous Confidence is Key & it shows in your pics! So this session ensures that you are ready (inside and out) to let your light shine.
-We’ll discuss a few secret Confidence Tips & get my Photo Session Confidence Tip Sheet
-I’ll also be available to give you “hands-on” makeup/styling suggestions via video to ensure you look & feel your best
-And SO much more!

Now’s the time to BOOST your FABulous Confidence!

This entire package is only $347!