6 Key Pieces to Build a Basic Jewelry Wardrobe

Sometimes it’s hard to afford all of the accessories your little heart desires, but try starting with a few key pieces and your wallet will thank you.


Here’s a list of some pieces to start building your Basic Jewelry Wardrobe:



IMG_20140411_0554141. Sparkly Studs

Now these certainly don’t have to be diamonds, but something small with a little glimmer to catch your eye are a good, simple start. You can wear sparkly studs with a statement necklace or a basic pendant and there isn’t any competition between the pieces which allows your necklace to be the star of the show. I still have a pair of cz studs that my mom gave me when I was a teen that I wear today. They are set in silver, but since there is only a small amount of metal showing, I can wear them with silver, gold, bronze, and more. And don’t be afraid to mix metals – remember metals are neutrals so they can be mixed up a bit just like grey, khaki, white, brown, black, navy, etc. SPARKLY STUDYS are classic and timeless – a total basic!



IMG_20140405_0905582. Simple Pendant Necklace

As with the studs, the simpler, the better. You don’t need to spend much money, but find a neutral pendant that is about 16″ long (the average length to hit your collar-bone). This length means you can wear it with just about any neckline in your outfit.





3. Hoop Earrings

This is one of my FAVorites! When I was younger, my hoops were thinner and more on the conservative side, but I got a larger, thicker pair of my mother’s as a wedding present (they were something I always played dress up with when I was young 🙂 ) and they are usually my go-to piece. Whether you choose silver or gold, small or large, you can pair your hoops with several different statement necklaces when you want a more fun, bold look.




IMG_20150328_1829244. A Bold Necklace in Your Favorite Color

We usually wear our favorite color often and have no problem incorporating it into our wardrobe. Find something you like that makes a statement and you will be able to wear it with several different outfits. I’m a big fan of turquoise and have found it to serve as a neutral allowing me to wear it with other neutrals (black, brown, white, grey, navy, tan) and also more bold colors (red, yellow, coral, purple, green, and more).





IMG_20140411_0557365. Fun Earrings in a Neutral Tone

If you choose a pair of fun, dangle earrings in a neutral color like black, white, or brown, you will be able to dress up most outfits in your closet. I like to go with something bold but simple because the earrings tend to be the most prominent piece of jewelry in this scenario.





IMG_20140426_0244096. A Long Necklace

Something that hits you about 3-4 inches above your belly button is the perfect length. You can wear it by itself with a basic fitted tee for a more casual look, or layer it with your pendant necklace or other shorter necklaces for more of an impact.





Whatever pieces you decide to start with, make sure they are items you love!  If you like something enough, you will figure out how to add it in whenever possible and will be a good investment in your jewelry wardrobe.