Showing up with FABulous Confidence online hasn’t always IMG_1052[1]_clipped_rev_1been easy for me.

As a full-time social worker, wife, and mother of two, it’s hard to imagine investing more time into my business.

I spent years trying to fit everyone else’s version of “trendy” or “professional” only to feel out of place and insecure.

Living in a poverty-stricken small rural town for 9 years, I knew the key to a successful business could be found online. But I was scared to show up as me, not to mention exhausted from everyday life.  It seemed like SO much work to get all dolled up to record a video and I feared that people wouldn’t take me seriously if I showed up in my pajamas.

Then there are the headshots. All the successful online entrepreneurs I admired had the “perfect” pictures. After two babies and years of gaining and losing weight, I couldn’t imagine ever being happy enough with my physical appearance for that to happen.

I spent years feeling:

  • insecure
  • out of place
  • worried about my fluctuating weight
  • ashamed of all the times I’d messed up
  • preoccupied with what everyone else thought of me


As a child, I knew I was different than most of the other girls (I enjoyed wearing vintage pieces my dad would bring home from yard sales, I was taller than most of them, and spent more time dreaming and creating than anything else).

The presence of God has remained strong in my life, but the way I interpreted my relationship with Him and His influence changed over they years.

By the time I was fourteen my parents had divorced, my father passed away, and I went from being an only child to adjusting to life with two new step-siblings.  I still believed in God, but that relationship felt distant, and I went to church mostly because I had to. I felt out of place and insecure.  My family life was far from perfect, and while still in high school I left home.

It wasn’t easy.  I didn’t feel confident, cared for, or clear about my path in life.  I worked multiple jobs to get by, one providing after-school care through the YMCA.  It was there I met a young woman who not just told me about, but embodied, the unconditional love of God.

This experience planted the FABulous seed, and years later when I met my husband I was truly guided back to the power of a relationship with God and how His power can be infused into all areas of life.

I continued to struggle with anxiety and depression well into adulthood and still battle anxiety from time to time.

It has been a journey of highs and lows, but many and two kids later I’ve learned that when I depend on God, and God’s light in others, I feel FABulous.  I let my light shine, so that it can encourage others.

Are you ready to look your best (whatever that means for you personally) and gain confidence?

Why me?

  • #MyEdge As a Life Stylist (with a background in social work, psychology, and fashion): I provide a safe, relatable place for my clients to talk through the insecurities they have about their appearance.


  • I GET IT! I’ve had my own physical insecurities & struggles over the years with weight fluctuations (like the fact that I weighed more than my 6’3″ tall husband when we met) and anxiety- you’re not alone in this journey.


  • I’ve been in so many situations, sizes, and budgets, that I have learned to IMPROVISE really well. I really take the time to identify what each client wants and needs and create a LIFESTYLE solution that fits their unique FABulous situation.


  • My #zoneofgenius is meeting people where they are, being relatable, and taking the judgment out of style. I want people to feel their own version of FABulous (and forget about meeting other people’s expectations).


  • I’m able to listen to my clients, identify the style themes they’re after, and create a plan to express that style in their daily lives (without spending a ton of money) so that they feel FABulous!



My #bigvision as a Life Stylist: I want to be known (internationally) for helping women see their FABulous beauty inside and out and express their appearance with confidence (despite their “problem” areas).

I fully believe that when we look better, we feel better and we are more effective in sharing the light God placed inside of us and serving the world with our gifts.


I am doing this because I believe that God gave me a gift to see *potential* that other people overlook, and an ability to encourage people to connect to their potential with love.


Fun Facts:

  • How “FAB” became part of my name: A few years ago, I created a jewelry line (F.A.B. in the Lord Accessories – Fabulous Always Believing) and a Facebook business page to go with it. The reason I started using Facebook in the first place was to share my jewelry and I figured it would help people identify me if I added the business into my name (plus it would keep certain people in my 9-5 as a social worker from finding me on social media). It started as Allison FABaccessories and morphed into Allison FAB (thanks to the wonderful suggestion from Sarah Cohn).Even though it isn’t my “real” last name, I have embraced what it stands for all along.


  • I have straight thumbs. That’s right, if I hold my thumb up- you’d think it was a finger. (I know, I’m weird. I never claimed to be “normal” *wink wink*).


  • I am an introvert with some extroverted tendencies depending on my mood (INFP).


  • My top 10 strengths on the Clifton Strengthsfinder are:
  1. Futuristic
  2. Connectedness
  3. Individualization
  4. Learner
  5. Input
  6. Empathy
  7. Ideation
  8. Developer
  9. Responsibility
  10. Restorative