3 Tips to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos


A little over 2 years ago, my life was pretty busy and chaotic.  We left life in small-town Oklahoma after 9 years, decided to return home to California, and everything in between (major downsizing, packing our entire house and moving ourselves 1500+ miles away with 2 kids and a dog in tow, purchasing a new house that was under construction, living in a small apartment in the meantime, starting new jobs, and more).

In the midst of all the chaos, there were 3 things that I tried to do to stay calm and feeling FABulous.  Even though I still had/have my struggles (I’m a work in progress just like you, remember?), these small steps MAKE a huge difference in my sanity and it’s my hope that they help you too!

1. Talk to God.

People sometimes make a big deal out of praying like it needs to be something formal.  While there are times for formality, my day-to-day conversations with God usually go something like this: “God, I really need your help right now.  Please give me the right words to respond to this…I have no idea what to say.  (Sigh…) Lord, thank you for being there even when things don’t make sense.”

Making sure I’m thanking him throughout the day helps too. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I take a minute to find something to be thankful for in the situation.  Here’s an example: I’m running late for work (not used the new traffic routine) and start panicking! (Deep breath…) “Lord, thanks for this quiet time and encouraging music to listen to.”  Being surrounded by boxes, kids, and life in our small apartment didn’t leave a lot of time for quiet.  So I tried to think of my car as a little sanctuary on wheels and a place to fill my head with encouragement.  Which brings me to number two.

2.  Listen to Encouraging Music and Messages

There’s nothing quite like filling your head with positivity.  You’ve heard the saying before, “What you put in is What comes out.” (I’m sure you remember picking up on a few choice words and sayings when you spent too much time watching reality TV.)  Well the same is true when it comes to the audio you listen to.  The encouraging and uplifting songs on KLOVE and AIR1 help me re-focuss on the word of God.  They are sung by real people with struggles just like you and me.  

I also love to listen to encouraging messages. Two of my favorite pastors to listen to on my phone are Steven Furtick of Elevation Church and Craig Grochel of Life Church.  They both are very gifted at making the Bible interesting and easy to understand.  And you’re guaranteed to laugh in the midst of the sermons too!

3. Make Sure to Feel Pretty

This one may sound vain or silly, but I’m telling you- it’s an essential piece to living a FABulous life in the midst of chaos! It’s a proven fact that people carry themselves differently when they are dressed well.  Think of your last trip to Wal-mart or Target.  Was the mom in her pajama bottoms and hair pulled back in a messy pony tail walking with the same confidence as the mom who had her hair and makeup done?  I doubt it.

Trust me, I didn’t have the time or energy to put on a full face of makeup or do my hair while I was unpacking, but taking a few minutes to put on my some mascara (L’Oreal Voluminous is one of my all-time favs) and a bit of Lipgloss boosted my confidence and energy like nothing else! Those two essential items can shed some light and FABulousness on any “bad” day! And when I can grab a fun pair of earrings, even better!

Well, there you have it.  My three simple tips to feeling calm and FABulous when it feels like your world is upside down, inside out, and in pieces that don’t fit.  Talk to God (nothing fancy, just talk out loud or in your head like he was your best friend), listen to encouraging music and a message from Elevation or Life Church, and put on your 3D Mascara and Lucrative Lipgloss.  This obviously won’t solve all your problems, but it’s may prayer that it will get you back on the right track to feeling FABULOUS!


Before you head off to that busy life of yours, please take a minute and comment below with your favorite tip.

And of course, feel free to  pin this for all the other women out there struggling with daily life just like me and you.