I’m Allison FAB Howell – social worker by day, Personal Branding & Visibility Coach by night.  I help women entrepreneurs get comfortable & confident in front of the camera so that that they can attract their first paying clients & grow their transformational business. 

Because when you look good on the outside, you feel better on the inside. And when you feel better- you are more effective in your business and sharing the light God placed inside of you.

I empower women entrepreneurs who have been hiding behind old photos and stock images to work through insecurities about their appearance & develop a plan to get comfortable in front of the camera so that they can attract their first paying clients & grow their transformational business.I do this through Personal Brand & Visibility Coaching and online courses (using my background in fashion, makeup, psychology, social work).

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For years, I have told myself the disempowering story that I come across as cute and adorable, and not as authoritative and professional. This has been a major roadblock to visibility in my business, both in person and online.

Enter Allison. For those of you who don’t know, she’s about so much more than just clothes and makeup. If she’s taught me anything, it’s that confidence and mindset are much more important than clothes and makeup. She helped me to challenge my old limiting beliefs, and to step into my power as an expert and a leader. Her work with me on affirmations and body language helped immensely, and that was before we even got started on fashion or makeup!

And indeed, her help in those areas was invaluable as well. She helped me to identify a few basic wardrobe pieces (many of which I already own), and to mix and match them with accents to create a variety of looks for both professional and social occasions. In addition, she gave me some no-fuss makeup tips to help me look polished with minimal effort. And last, but not least, she helped me to outline a plan to reach my ideal audience through Facebook live! All in all, a great confidence boost, and one last nail in the coffin of my old disempowering story!

Molli the Math Lady

Holistic Math Coach

What is FABover?

A FABulous Life Makeover- from the inside out to help you gain comfort & confidence with being the face of your brand & increasing your visibility.

I can help you

  • bust through your emotional crap & gain permission to be seen
  • overcome the fear of rejection & failure with FABulous Confidence
  • fill the gap that has kept you spinning your wheels instead of doing the work to become the face of your brand
  • develop your personal brand
  • gain confidence in front of the camera to start doing those regular live videos
  • and get clear on the formula you need to get confident in front of the camera & actually doing live videos

The Ultimate Goal:

Deep inside of you lies the magic- the place where your true desires about how you want to present yourself & your business to the world. I can empower you to discover what that really means (just for you) & teach you how to turn it into your own personalized authentic brand so that you are filled with FABulous confidence and begin taking action to share the gifts/business God gave you.

Allison empowered me to bring out the best in me and gave me concrete tips to help with my concerns. I wasn’t sure anyone would be able to make a difference, but she did. She even went beyond clothes and make-up and helped me feel more confident about bringing my bright personality into the photos so I could attract more clients by showcasing who I am!

Allie Davis

Business & Mindset Coach

My gift is seeing the beauty in others – in all of us – and in allowing beauty even when life feels chaotic or stressful.

FABover is a holistic approach; showing you how to enhance what’s already working to strengthen your confidence so you can let your light shine & share your gifts with the world.

It’s not selfish, it’s soulful.

The world needs you to become visible! Let me help you create your Personal Brand & be filled with FABulous Confidence.